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Bought a Dreamcast last night, and Gauntlet Legends so hopefully that’ll keep smiles on my face while beating the crap out of things. Yesterday at work was fairly unworthy of note. Found out as usual that few people even noticed I was gone. I need a new job, no doubt about it.

Other than that I guess life is back to normal, I started my webcam up again last night, I’m sure the visitors will come rolling back in. I’m considering taking off the pay section and turning it to a donation basis. But I’ll have to see how people respond to that, since it does cost me money, if at the very least in electricity & DSL, to run it 24/7, so maybe people will be willing to shell out a little bit here and there to help out.

I think I’m going to have to start keeping up with friends via e-mail, especially the IRC ones. I’m on so rarely and the time zones always futz with things. That and I want to take a trip to Boston.

Music for today: Lisa Stansfield again, but it’s oh so good!

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