I corner the market on family guilt

Captains Log: Been 28 for two days now. No change.

Seriously, I’m starting to feel like birthdays aren’t much big deal, ‘cept its one of the three guaranteed times of year I talk to my brother. He called me at work, ‘cos I moved and didn’t tell him my new info, which he tried to ground into me like guilt. Little does he know I corner the market on that in the family, and countered with the fact that he changed both jobs and addresses so much that it was all I could do to know where he was at any given moment. Apparently he’ll be working for Delta now, so I might get put on a standby list to fly free anytime which could be really cool. Though I’d rather marry my own Delta employee and work those benefits myself. ‘cos I think it’d be the kind of guy who was gone a lot, but would put me and another friend’s names on his list so we could go places even when he wasn’t able to go with us. Plus it’d be real cool to surprise him by showing up in the city he’s landing in, when he expects to be there alone. My, my, I do go on, don’t I?

Oh, this is my friend Shawn I’ve been mentioning in the recent entries.

Other than that I got an e-mail from Felissa, a good high school friend, she let me know that she’ll be graduating from med school next year. That kinda blows my mind, Dr. Felissa Goldstein. I still think of her as the kinda clumsy girl I knew then with a Disney fetish. I think the Disney fetish is still around, I just hope her coordination has improved.

Woo! Timesheet day!! Gettin’ to wander around and yell at people to get themselves paid. Joy joy joy.

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