How much is too many?

Well if you’re talking LIITs from last night, three seemed to be the magic number that allowed us to have a good time but get out of there with enough balance and presence of mind to get the bus home. Kyle did remark that he may have lost a bit of his memory from last night, but it’s all good. That quote from the Gilmore Girls, however ain’t kidding:

Something that is extremely seductive but fickle, a fair weathered friend who seems benign but packs a wallop like a donkey kick and that is the Long Island Iced Tea.

After finally waking up and going through the “rehydrate” stage, I tried to head out for Labor Day brunch, but the nearby place was packed and I was really craving some Neptune Benedict. I had to settle for a sub at Potbelly and a short walk to begin the “sweating out the poisons” stage. I don’t have any invites for parties or barbecues today, so it will probably be spent watching a little tv and preparing myself for the return to the work week.

Speaking of tv, a recent afternoon broadcast of Are You Being Served? played one of my favorite scenes from the “Old Mr. Grace” era, which didn’t contain as many good episodes as those with “Young Mr. Grace.” In this episode there was some speculation that Mr. Humphries, played by John Inman, was actually the bastard child of Mr. Grace and therefore his heir. His mother, also played by John Inman, arrives at the store and sets the record straight, so to speak:

[flv:wch_mum.flv 498 374]

I hope everyone’s enjoying a fun day off!

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  1. Esprix says:

    I liked the older Young Mr. Grace, and yes, that scene is priceless. 🙂

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