A bar for men

Well, a continuation of earlier thoughts.

Just got back from the club, and was it a snoozer. Next time when I have a gut feeling to not go out AND a friend that’s not all too keen on going out. I’ll listen to the both of them. The local bar just opened an “annex” called ‘a bar for men’. Sure, if the men are over 40 and alcoholics. It was almost depressing in its relaxing atmosphere. And it was complete with cute bartender so they’ll all go gaga and buy more more more.

So it was me and Shawn and Charlie, who apparently doesn’t like me when I’m not being a bitchy queen while drunk, which leads me to understand how much we’ll interact outside of the bar and at least 3 or 4 stiff drinks.

I can’t believe people are logging into my webcam at this hour! I guess none of the other cam boys have their shirts off, so the men are doing the rounds. Sorry guys, I masturbate off-cam, if ever.

Ya know, this could get really nasty if I continue, so perhaps I best leave it be for now and talk more in the morning.

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