Ok, I admit it, earlier today I was all ready for a nice relaxing Sunday, run a few errands, handle laundry, no big thing. But now I’m flat out bored. It’s our night on the MUSH to play, but so far only about 1/2 the people necessary are online and it seems that it will go as usual where people show up very late and then people have a total lack of motivation for interaction. I can just see if this were a movie, you’d have footage of minutes where our team just sat around staring at each other.

I need more work type clothes, at the least I need more slacks, ‘cos I can buy shirts anytime, but finding pants is the hard part. I’ll have to head into town some evening to Hecht’s and shop, or maybe this weekend. It’s so hard wanting to shop downtown, yet not wanting to do it after work and REALLY not wanting to go all the way back into town after I’m all settled at home.

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