I know I started this too late to go into my trials with the Virginia DMV, but to sum it all up, when it came time to get my license, I was so happy that the test was so easy that I didn’t even complain one bit that the road test was nothing more than a few turns and signaling. Well today I realize the evils of an easy driver’s test system.

I was nearly run into head on today, and almost sideswiped twice by people who thought that STOP signs are merely suggestions. And naturally they have the nerve to look at me as if *I’m* in the wrong? Is that some kind of psychological thing, like maybe they can mind-fuck me into thinking that I did it so that I’d feel bad?!

Aside from that I went to Marshalls and got some more shirts and socks and boxers. it’s really great weather outside, sunny but cool enough to wear long sleeves and not be bothered by it in the least. Today is a REST day. Playing games, reading, laundry, just trying to relax.

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