Three-day weekends are just like that though. It’s actually been a good weekend. I’ve kept some people “company” each day this weekend (it’s a Southern term, ask me what it means) so my tensions are mostly gone, hung out with Shawn, got some needed shopping, cleaning and such done. I’ve been really good in releasing my trash and not being a pack rat. I packed up the fountain, though I’m not sure anyone wants to buy it.

Thomas finally e-mailed me saying he’s really busy at this time of year and he hasn’t had time to get back to anyone. *eh* Story of my life. I’m eyeing some more enhancements for the living room area, namely a drop leaf table with 4 folding chairs that fit inside it. It would be nice to have, I think, so I could have some semblance of a place to serve dinner and such. And I’ll need a new coffee table, I think so all these things are on the list. But I’ll buy them directly. No more internet shopping for furniture. No sir. Accessories is another story completely though.

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