Overnight Prints might want to change their name

overnight prints logoOvernight Prints is a great name and they did great work for my friend Bill’s business/calling cards, but when I went with a less simple design, even following their exact templates and guides… I wish they’d spent longer than a day to print my cards, and that proofing the results wasn’t on the burden of the customer.

The one that I pulled out of the box at random looked great initially, then I noticed that the design had been pushed up, well beyond where they said it would, so that the top edge of my design was nearly cut off. So I went online and did the live chat to ask for a reprinting, and as I was on “hold” with the customer service rep I pulled out some more cards where they completely trimmed off almost 1/2 a letter! 🙁

The online rep put the order in for reprinting, but couldn’t advise whether this might happen again or not. Fredo’s photograph looks great and I got a slightly glossy coating on it, so the colors really snap, and the back looks just fine, though some of them were a little lopsided. If it’s wrong again, I suppose I can always change the design to something more asymmetrical, but the way it is right now, placement is key and if they can’t follow their own rules about cutting and trimming, the customer is totally at a loss.

Of course I could have gone with a more professional outfit to do it but since this is mostly for vanity, I didn’t see the point. Still, we’ll see how they do on the second go-round. They’re not charging me for the reprinting and they upgraded it to 3-day shipping, so they’re good with customer satisfaction. I think amazon has spoiled me though, they spread around the idea of free overnight shipping and I’ve come to expect it. Hell I’ve got 2 pairs of shoes on the way at -$5 overnight shipping, I’m in love with that promotion. 😀

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