Yes, let me be just a little base and find extreme pleasure in the fact that Dr. Laura’s show is getting terrible ratings and even getting dropped in some markets. Now this: Laura Schlessinger Gives Gays Full-Page Apology. Like we care now? Obvious ploys to garner our community’s support are hit or miss. But I don’t think she’s gonna make it with this one.

Work seems to be going fairly well today, no real complaints, but honestly, this place doesn’t get moving until maybe 10am anyway. Silly thing about that, since that used to be the time my old co-workers would take coffee breaks at ICI. Start work at 7:30/8, have coffee.. 2 hours later, coffee again. And this wasn’t just like a quick trip to the coffee maker in the office. We’re talking, on the elevator down to the little deli in the lobby and socializing for a good 30 mins (at the least) before heading back upstairs. Then lunch would start at 11:30? If most offices run that way, it’s a miracle anything at all gets done, lemme tell ya. I’ve moved into that mental space where I don’t hate my job so much as I wish it were more challenging, and paid more.. and I wish it paid attention to my actual skills instead of making me constantly teach myself new ones.

I’m probably going to be in here this weekend, so I had a notion to use the scanner here at work to scan in my old bank statements and maybe credit card receipts to convert to PDF then burn them to CD. I mean it’d be so much more convenient to do and I’ll still be able to access them for my records. If I had a scanner at home I’d probably do the same for my daily receipts. And I’m looking for one, just haven’t found one that I like yet. It’s not easy to think that the same amount of money I spend on a dining room table and chairs, I’d spend on a scanner. Computer retail is fucked up that way.

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