not as sick

But still feeling icky.

I got a note stuck on my door last night that my apartment complex is charging me $25 for “improper trash disposal”. They have these parking spaces in the lot that are marked with big “T”s on them for trash. Now according to their rules, trash has to be placed there between like 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning. Well as someone who leaves at around 5:15am for work, that just doesn’t work for me. But that’s not what really pisses me off. In the letter they claim “trash identified as belonging to you” was found. They don’t give you a where/when or do what I would do which is take a picture and send it with the notice, kinda like those cameras on traffic lights do. To put it simply, I ain’t paying.

So I’m here, and at my usual time which isn’t bad for someone that was sick as a dog yesterday. Though I could feel myself slowing down as I was approaching the building from the Metro, so I think today’s going to be hit & miss. So long as Joyce keeps a distance from me. She’s pregnant and I don’t want her getting germs from me.

Music for the day: Boy George and Culture Club…

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