Let me apologize now if any future entries made from the office come out with bad formatting as the EPA has decided that my page is now a blocked site. I tried to access it and I got the EPA’s lovely little notice letting me know I’ve accessed a restricted site. Oh well.

I let Edwin sleep over last night. I’m not going to do that on worknights anymore, he tosses & turns, snores, talks in his sleep and a few times in the middle of the night he hit me, unintentionally, but still it hurt. I barely got any sleep at all, but managed to make it in. He apologized profusely for it, but I’m still rubbed the wrong way about it.

The menial tasks at this place are getting worse. Right now I have to work on a flowchart/org chart type graph which is a map of the entire public access internet site. This is about an 8 foot long by 3 feet wide printout that another contractor was working on, but apparently they can’t get in touch with now. And this somehow becomes my problem. I swear at my evaluation I’m asking for more money.

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