I really hate being sick. I barely have enough energy to stay awake and I don’t want to go to sleep yet ‘cos I’m afraid it’ll throw my sleepcycle all outta whack.

Edwin stayed over last night which was nice, would’ve been nicer if I was well and had more energy. And he sleeps like a log.. that’s being balanced upon by a lumberjack. I’m not sure he even knows how much he tosses and turns. Oops, tea’s done..


Peppermint tea and Mystery Men. Couldn’t be anything better. Though I do hate staying home from work. I’m really feeling weird about that but really, when I have to take a day off work for this it’s really a pain, ‘cos I don’t feel like doing anything at all, and I don’t even have like “mommy” to take care of me. Yeah, that’s right, I said mommy. But I’m on lovely drugs and stuff.

I’m also kinda peeved ‘cos our DSL is out and has been flickery now for about the past 24 hours, and I’m tired of calling them since they don’t seem to have any idea that it’s out, they claim there’s nothing wrong and since they don’t support any kind of connection aside from their own stupid little PPPoE application it’s really no help. You’d think they’d know with all the DSL routers being sold that they need to catch up with the times.

And I think my medication is catching up with me so.. more later.

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