shopping: what’s your style?

Even though I overindulged a bit on Friday evening out with friends, I was still well enough–or so I thought–to head out with Kyle and hit the malls on a shopping excursion. I don’t have anything to buy for the family yet, but I could use more pants, sweaters, regular stuff for the winter. Very boring, really. We traveled to many places in Maryland and D.C. looking for good deals and good looks. There were what seemed to be a great number of deals, but overall the pickings were slim to *meh. This was actually very disappointing because when I have money and am ready to shop, I’m usually like a natural disaster, quickly moving from store to store and rack to rack. I pull things out, try things on, put things back, never ask the price and always refuse the store credit card.

I just couldn’t find anything that fit my personal style, and here’s a word from someone that shares my philosophy on style, Miss Coco Peru:

[flv:coco_style.flv 480 366]

Maybe it’s a sign of age. I’m really not that picky, but I know what I like and I’m not liking the stuff I saw. I wonder if the rapid advance of fashion is one of the biggest reasons that we get gay men in their 40s still trying to dress like they’re in their 20s. You sometimes can’t keep up with it, so you stick to what’s comfortable. And with a lot of fashion you stick to what makes you feel good and sexy.

I tend to think I can still pick things that look good on a regular basis, while also having a few special items. I currently don’t own a suit that fits me–I’m not dropping 40 pounds to get into my old one, sorry. I have a new found love of t-shirts, but only well-designed and witty ones… that are cheap. And I still don’t own a pair of sneakers, casual or athletic, that I’ve spent more than $30 on. I would go to more vintage stores, but all of the ones I know of got rid of menswear ages ago and only cater to women.

When I don’t rent a car or get a ride-along on an outlet mall excursion, I go for precision shopping on the internet. Such a shock I know for a big ol’ gadget queen like me, but it’s just easier. The only caveat is that you have to be sure of your size and be sure of your label(s). Clothing sizes rarely obey the laws of physics, and they never stay the same for long. I have two cardigans at home from Calvin Klein, the seldom-worn L from over a year ago is larger than the XL I just bought last month. A bit of that is wear, but there are some spots of comparison–zipper lengths for one–that just scream out, “XL is the new L, didn’t you get the memo?”

I feel a Zipcar/Leesburg weekend coming on. Perhaps after the holidays have died down a bit and people aren’t so crazy with the shopping madness.

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4 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    Leesburg. I’d chip in.

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  2. Gilahi says:

    Actually, I thought you were quite well-tailored at the meetup. Is that the only outfit you have that fits you?

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  3. brian says:

    @Gilahi: I’m a bit like Marge with a Chanel suit. I just re-stitch the same fabulous clothes into different outfits. I also kill anyone that takes notice… it’s just easier that way.

  4. sean808080 says:

    we love ms. peru. she cracks us up.

    she should host qvc sometime. now that would get me to buy something on that channel!


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