using lies as alibis

I hate liars. No, that’s not true. I hate BAD liars. Some lies are used to avoid conflict or pain and I guess I don’t have a problem with that. But guys that lie and get easily caught in the lie, are right out. Basically, after a nice date, Mike lied to me that one night he was gonna get off the phone with me and head to bed. Instead he didn’t.. got caught.. and now I’m none too sure what to do with/about him.

My horoscope today:

    Your communications are starred for success today. You’ll have a chance to gather the right group together for important situations with land or property. Focus on large projects rather than on small ones. Your magnetism is so high that you’ll knock people over if you don’t channel your energy into big opportunities. You can influence the lives of many people by what you decide today. Your intense creative energy will find an outlet in projects that are widely distributed.

Yeah, sure right. Well, at least I’ll be able to pay rent and other bills without going totally broke, which is nice. Though I’m gonna be scraping by for a while. My fridge is EMPTY and has been that way for a while, so I need to plan a shopping trip, or go on one of those services to get the food brought to me. Would be an interesting test of them, I suppose. I dunno.

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