metro hangover

Riding the metro on hot days just makes you SO sleepy. Lunch was nice though. On the way out there I’d planned to have a nice quiet ride and read into the city, but had to move 3 times ‘cos of people and their badly behaved kids, but found enough peace to read my book, Stigmata. Made it to Dupont, a little late, but Sundays on the train are just like that, hit or miss, and I still have nightmares of Dupont parking to not want to attempt it. Even though last night I found the perfect space, but more about that later.

Nathan, as it turns out, is a nice enough fellow, cute, intelligent, can carry a conversation. I think we both ended the date with positive feelings. So we’ll just have to see where it goes.

In other odd news, I placed my picture online at HOT or NOT?, so if you read this, feel free to make your vote. Though I’m finding that some people have submitted the most horrible pictures! I can’t imagine why they’d do such a thing. However I’ve got a rating of 8.4 at the moment, so it hasn’t dealt a crushing blow to my self-esteem yet.

Anyway, last night. We ended up not going to Malcolm’s barbecue ‘cos Michael slept himself silly, but we did go out into Dupont to the Fireplace and Omega. I guess I’m getting over my not wanting to go out feelings. But Michael made himself a new friend that evening, so I ended up going home shortly afterwards. Thank goodness Al doesn’t mind chatting with me at all hours of the night, I’m feeling better about the rapport we have and much better that we’re still speaking on a friend-level, ‘cos he really is someone I can tell things that I wouldn’t tell most others. (which means that someday, he’ll have to be killed)

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