infectious holiday joy

Ok, I just went to the post office to send off Adam’s holiday gifts (who things are proceeding well with, by the by). And I was early, mainly ‘cos waiting a few minutes before they open was much preferable to waiting a LOT more minutes in a line after they’d opened. So.. I had my box, I had it taped up and packaged, had my label, filled out an express mail label just in case and I was standing in the lobby, waving at the postal employees behind the glass doors to take their time. And people walked by me to get stamps and joked with me at how early I was. It was a nice litle experience. Then this old man walked up and stood in “front” of me, directly outside the doors. Now I was not camping out so I was maybe 6 or 7 feet away from the doors resting my box on a counter. And I watched him ‘cos he was older and I realized he didn’t even see me (he had to practically turn his head to see something behind him), so I was like, no big deal. Then he turns around and looks at me, and doesn’t even ask if I was waiting. Now the employees behind the doors are just looking at this guy with a little disbelief, but they can’t really do anything. He was so close to the doors that they had to ask him to step back so they could open them. My joy was slipping. But one of the women who worked there stopped and chatted with me and brought it back up, she complimented my haircut and asked what I was sending and told me I could probably get away with 2 day mail and how there was no way she would take the double pay to work on Christmas Day and how it’s all on a volunteer basis and by the time we were done chatting, it was my turn to pay for the shipping on the package and I was outta there in 5 minutes.

Spread the joy if you can, just try not to let it escape otherwise.

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