It comes down to the individual

I’m sure the company that won the food service contract for my cafeteria has a great reputation for service and customer care, but a record on paper means nothing when you have to deal face to face with crappy employees every day. Their main problem is that they don’t produce or purchase enough of certain items to meet the demand of all of the employees in our new building, so certain snack and drinks run out a lot, like milk.

This morning I forgot to grab my banana on the way out the door so decided to get some cereal downstairs — no milk. So as I’m going to ask an employee if there’s any more milk, a woman that came in after me, also with cereal looking for milk is standing behind me looking equally puzzled. Now she was cute, I won’t deny it, but I hardly think that’s an excuse for what happened next. Two male employees nearly fell over themselves to brush past me to help her. They went into the back, found her a bottle of milk, rang her up personally, all the in the pursuit of tryin’ to get some. So when their little display was over, they realized that I existed and I asked if there was any more milk or if they gave her the last bottle. I was not yet pissed off, but they were acting like I was, so I must have been indicating some annoyance.

Of course, they were out. At which point I did get pissed, but did chuckle at the aptness of my inability to get any milk because I don’t have boobs.

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3 Responses

  1. Fredo says:

    Sounds like your building’s got the biggest boobs of all time: the guys who tripped all over themselves to get her milk. That said, you might want to look into some falsies.

  2. Chris says:

    Sodexho runs the concessions on campus, and the general level of service reminds me of a quote from Bart Simpson: “This both sucks and blows.”

  3. shindo says:

    qtd. from the website:
    We help sculpt campus communities that capture the hearts and fuel the minds of students, faculty, and visitors.

    Oh yes, this stuff really captures my heart and fuels my mind. Gotta love website copy.

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