Cha-Cha Heels

The race last night was fun, but COLD. It was one of those situations where you realize, only after trying to move your joints again that they’re quite frozen. I think the feeling in my toes returned after we got a few blocks away from 17th. I think this may be my last time going though, I’m just not enjoying the crowd very much anymore. In fact the last few queer events I’ve been to, it seems like the het’s way outnumber the gays and it also seems like if there is the most drunken, smoking, (forgive me) white trash woman standing next to me and wanting to be my friend. Last night, it seemed like all the woman next to me could do was blow her smoke in my direction, flick her ash in my direction and yell “WOOOOO, SEXY!!” at everyone that went by, drag queens, cops, volunteers, anyone. Otherwise the crowd was enthuasiastic, just drunk and rude. A few good moments were when this amazing Washington Monument costume walked by, complete with blinking red lights at the top. And Adrian Fenty showed up and a chorus behind us broke out, “Hey Fenty, where are your heels?!”

My camera wasn’t good for pictures as the volunteers were really good about keeping people out of the street and my flash wasn’t powerful enough to penetrate the darkness, so I stuck to video, got a bunch of 15-30 second bits and took some footage of the race. It’s crappy, but not horrible:

Otherwise it was a pretty ok evening, ran into Claude before I met up with the guy and his roommate in the circle and we headed over to City Lights for dinner. Unfortunately City Lights is on probation now. The food was good, I had a plum wine which I hadn’t had in a while, but when it came time for the check, 2 of us paid cash and the remainder was on a card. The cash-payers (me being one) may not have been in the best math-minded states, but we did pay enough to cover our bills plus a bit for tip and then the card-payer paid his and added tip as well. Well after the server collected the receipts, she then came back saying something along the lines of “did you pay all?” Her English either wasn’t good, or she was choosing not to use it (though it was perfectly fine when she was taking our orders), but the gist of it was she wasn’t disputing we’d paid enough to cover the bill, she was asking that we pay more for the tip. She even went so far as to write down the amount of our check, subtracting what we’d paid her to show how much was left after the total. While I was sorely tempted to have a “Well, I NEVER!” moment, I realized that it would only delay us and put us in a worse mood so I threw a few more dollars down and that seemed to appease her, but seriously, wtf!?

City Lights does have a good (yet overrated IMHO) reputation and all, but everytime I go I am rarely impressed with the dishes. It’s more like going out for a chinese take-away experience when you want to be seated and served instead of just answering the door. The dishes are huge, and I’m not a big fan of take-away leftovers nor am I a fan of going out with the purpose of stuffing myself unless its on a steak the size of my head. I’m not saying I won’t ever go back there again, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon. Let’s say probation period is… 9 months? I don’t go there all that often anyway, but I will be writing them to let them know that maybe their staff needs a little better training to know that you don’t haggle with customers over the size of a tip.

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  1. Jefferson says:

    I stopped going to the high heel race years ago for the same very reasons – the cold and the obnoxious hets. Though about going this year but glad to fell asleep on my nice comfortable sofa. I agree about City Lights – it is so incredibly overrated.

  2. Brian says:

    I definitely think I’ll be skipping next year unless someone that lives along the route is having a get together and I can be inside and warm and preferably tipsy when the race starts. It’s a great tradition and all that, but I’m wondering if it just hasn’t outlived its hype.

  3. Bill says:

    I had quite the opposite experience, after being away from DC for the past 6 years, this was my first High Heel Race in 7 years. While the crowds have definitely grown, I was one of several cows grazing aobut and we had a blast! The hundreds of people we encountered were VERY friendly (maybe it was just my utters) and even appreciative that they could have a photo taken with us. While we can say that lots of staright people now turn out, we should also ask where are the gay people in their costumes? Come on DC, get into the Halloween spirit.


  4. Brian says:

    Wow Bill, nice to hear from someone that participated! I’ve never actually looked at the rules for the “race” but always thought it would be great if the costume party aspect of it were more encouraged. Cold as it was, I’d have much rather been dressed up and out in the street than having about 7 rows of people pressed at my back!

    I moo’ed at y’all when you ran past.

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