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So this past weekend was one of those dark ones. Where everything you do reminds of the reasons that you hate doing it. Work on Friday wasn’t so bad, I was still feeling out of it though, then that night Shawn and I went out to the bar. BORING. The place has no energy at all, they’ve rearranged things so that standing space has become cramped and dancing space has become nonexistent. So what’s to do? Why drink, of course! ‘cos we all know what that does for your judgement and self-esteem. We left after *maybe* 2 hours, probably not even that long.

Saturday I was in the office, and I truly hate coming in on the weekend, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I did my time here and headed home, was gonna have dinner at Outback with Shawn. I took a nap and made absolutely sure I’d wake up in time to freshen up (for guys that means go to the bathroom) and get there on time if not earlier. I did and nabbed us a table (in smoking, *ugh*), and he was late. Not extremely late, but late enough that I was ready to order on my own and let him play catch up when he did show up. His excuse (reason?) was that he lost track of time while playing Diablo 2. That’s not really an easy one to accept, but as I usually do, I let it slide. I let a lot of things slide. Why? ‘cos what would be gained from calling people on it all the time. I already do that with the men I date, I should be willing to accept a few deviances from my friends. Just the dinner thing reminded me of the one thing I hate most, which is eating alone. There are some fantastic places to go in DC, but I usually stay home and cook something that’s not exactly mediocre, but it’s nice to let someone else do the cooking (and serving, etc) once in a while.

Yesterday was fairly dull. I spent most of it at home, went out for lunch and milk, then didn’t end up making anything that required milk. Watched a movie and played around online most of the day. I was hoping that the FOX shows would be new, but I guess they didn’t want to compete with the Big Game. Which brings me to today. Office, blegh, nothing special happening here. Brian out.

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  1. April 16, 2007

    […] eating on my own still seems a bit pathetic. A peek into my past entries confirms that, in general, I hate eating alone. Still, I was in the mood for a ridiculously large steak and some gin & tonics (with lemon) […]

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