The extra B is for BYOBB!

I did *not* eat the whole thing!

I tried not to be a pig, really I did. I “grilled” some spice-rubbed pork chops last night and served them up with some naan and hummus because I was just too lazy to create a “full” meal. Even so, I managed to not overcook the pork like I (and a lot of America) usually do and the garlicky hummus went really well with it. Even after I had my serving, I was still picking at it.

The discovery of store-bought naan is quite the find for me. I’m sure it’s been available long before I found it, but I do most of my shopping at the local Safeway and clearly it hadn’t been a priority for them. Much as I’d like to head out to other local stores, or even Whole Foods and Dean & Deluca, when I factor time into a recipe, that includes shopping time as well. I’ve never cared for the “30 minute meal” philosophy because sometimes it can take you that much time or longer just to get in and out of the grocery store. Especially if you’re going after work, by car or by foot.

DC’s Restaurant Week begins this coming Monday, but unless some dinner companions materialize, I’m going to continue to make dishes at home. We’ll see how long it lasts–probably until I run out of patience or the scale runs out of weight tolerance. :mrgreen:

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  1. shindo says:

    That looks so good! I wish I can sample some of the pork and hummus. The naan sounds like quite a find.

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