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Sluggy FreelancePvP – Player Versus PlayerGet Fuzzy
Gaming GuardiansDilbert8-Bit Theater

I love these comics, some print in the papers, but most of them you’ll only find online and/or in paperback form. Sluggy’s just funny-weird, combines enough real life stuff with strangeness to make it funny yet fresh. PvP is sort of a glimpse of the life most all of us computer gamer freaks wanted when we grew up. Gaming Guardians has a lot of industry in-jokes, but managed to grab my attention regardless and 8-Bit is too funny to any that’s played the original Final Fantasy, or has just played console type games in general.

So lately life hasn’t been too horrible. I’ve started talking to this guy Al who lives in Rhode Island and sent me a rather nice e-mail introducing himself. He seems like a great guy, but having been burned twice before with out of towners, I’m understandablty hesitant. However I’m willing to give it time, chatting and e-mailing and see where things lead. You never know…

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