the anonymity of a computer

My brain is just too tired lately to handle crap anymore. Idiot people online. What is it about the anonymity of a computer that makes people just think they can act however they want? And I’m not just talking about people on AOL. Anyway, it looks to be a pretty slow day, just like last night. I feel like I have no life. I don’t have enough friends to be doing stuff all the time and I don’t much like going out on my own since all I do is spend money which is no good.

I sincerely hope I’m in a better mood when Sean visits. Otherwise I don’t know how I’m going to entertain him. Well there is *that* but even that can’t sustain an entire long weekend. I want to buy new games and new movies, but I should really keep a hold on my money. There’s no food in the house and I’m worried about video games. I guess that’s bad. Though I haven’t been hungry lately either so I guess it doesn’t much matter.

And indeed, I do notice a sharp jump in webcam visitors when my shirt is off. Lovely.

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