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I ran the gamut this weekend. Friday was not all that bad, actually. I did have a dental appointment, but it was a cleaning and scaling, so low pain, moderate annoyance. I talked to Brent online a bit. (ed. note: Brent is the person whose ad I answered in the Blade, we talked Thursday night) Plans were made to chat in the morning on Sat and see what plans would be for the day. Oh, sometime in the morning I got a letter (e-mail) from Nathan advising that he didn’t think we were “connecting”, and that perhaps we shouldn’t get in the way of the other’s finding someone special. Which I guess I can understand, to a point. Seeing how we’d only gone on perhaps 3 or 4 dates, and he hadn’t called me in over a week to talk, I was a little surprised, but I relented and figured that perhaps my resources might be better spent elsewhere. A harsh attitude, perhaps, but an efficient one (Seven of Brian?) at least.

I also worked some more on the refinishing of my CD cabinet that I picked up at IKEA. It now has a lovely mahogany finish, though it’s not yet gracing a spot on my wall ‘cos I got lazy, but I’m fairly impressed with myself. I believe wood must be my ruling element for early October, ‘cos I also took a branch that I picked up at Great falls and hacked off the bottom of it for a flat edge and sanded/smoothed it down. It seems to be the right height, and I picked out a glaze to apply to it, the second coat will be going on it tonight. I just have to find some rope or a strap or something to put on it, and perhaps a rubberized foot. I guess I found the work peaceful, the weather was such that I was on the patio all of the time working on stuff, and it kept me from sitting idle.

Anyway… Saturday lunch date with Brent. He’s a nice guy, though strikes me as the type that likes his labels. I just haven’t figured out if he demands that others also wear the “right labels” too. If that’s so, I’m not sure how long things will last. Plus he smokes, but seems to be a considerate smoker, at least. He didn’t smell of smoke at any rate. We had lunch at Thaiphoon, a place I’ve never been to, but that’s not surprising in DC as I think it just popped up in Dupont and honestly with all the gay men in the area it will do quite well. Plus the food was nothing to scoff at. The conversation was actually nice, we talked a bit about 9/11, ‘cos I guess with only a month since, it’s still on people’s minds. He’s a talker, for certain, which is good ‘cos I tend to be a listener, and he wasn’t boring, that’s for sure. He’s cute, for a slightly older person (i said older, not old). After lunch we headed over to the zoo. I know, I go to the zoo a lot, but I love the animals, and it’s a good place to walk and talk, get exercise after a meal, that sort of thing. Plus I think I relax and the other person can relax, there’s no pressure. After the zoo we headed back to his place to walk his dog, CUTE dog, but sheddy, very sheddy. Then we just sat around and talked a while about stuff and stuff. Nothing special. We met at 1, and I left around 8, walked back to the metro and back home. Then got home and assembled my cd cabinet to the tune of british comedies.

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