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Ok.. has it been a while since there’s been a meaningful post up here? And not a “brian posts a picture” or “brian posts a link” one? I suppose not.

Well not a lot has been happening around these parts. I’m sick, with a bit of a cold, sore throat, low energy, etc. Been that way since Sunday night and I hate it. Also I’m… dating. I’ve been hesitant to write about it for fear I’ll jinx things. But Joe is very nice, we’ve seen each other a good few times since our first dinner date, and this past Sunday I met some of his friends at a Superbowl party he hosted at his place.

Naturally I get sick when I meet someone nice, so everything’s making me seem very wishy washy about decisions and stuff. He probably thinks I’m a scatterbrain. So I can’t wait to get better so the real me can emerge.

And that’s that. I sat up through the State of the Union address, even dosed on Nyquil, but sitting through about 70 or so fucking standing ovations it was starting to lose the point after a while to me. It was a lot like Clinton’s addresses though. Here’s a happy happy happy list about what I want to do but can’t guarantee cos of Congress, and then I’m going to justify war. I did think it was interesting how only HALF the gallery stood up to applaud all his statements. The Dems were firmly attached to their seats.

Well the Nyquil is kicking in again, so I’m off to bed to face another lovely day at the office *blegh*.

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