Oddly enough

I’m bored.. but.. not REALLY bored in the common way. I have plenty to do and probably will, but I’m in that mood where I’d love to have someone call up and surprise me with some plans. Yes, getting the table completed is a nice sense of accomplishment, but it’s done for the most part, so I have to stare at it, wishing the finish would dry completely and be done so I can put the second coat on.
Michael called me up a little earlier and I think I kept him on the phone longer than I would have since it was nice just to have someone call me. He’s having a moral conundrum in that a friend of his (less a friend than someone he hooked up with once and talks to via online chat) is getting kicked out of his living situation, due to being gay. It sucks, but I had to help convince Michael that he can’t do a lot for someone that he doesn’t know. Especially not let the guy stay with him.

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