just an innocent facial masque

I wonder if this is how Michael Jackson got started.. just an innocent facial masque.. that’s all.

Why blackmail me, I put the worst of it online MYSELF. I’m actually trying to get somewhat prett-i-fied for the date with Joe this evening. We’re doing the Valentine’s Day thing and I guess I just want to look good. I stopped off at the mall and bought a new sweater and I’m going to *gasp* spot-iron a shirt to wear under it. Though I commented to someone at work today, why worry about buying something to look all nice when what you really hope is that it looks good crumpled up in a pile on someone else’s bedroom (living room, kitchen, etc) floor later? Regardless, Ms. L told me last night that I look enchanting and charming all the time, so I guess I have a standard to uphold. I hope that I won’t feel out of place not having a jacket/blazer/sportcoat to wear in the restaurant, but that’s just not my style. At this point in time I don’t even own a suit, let alone a dry-cleaned or ironed shirt. Were someone to die, I’d be very ill-prepared for their funeral, in my father’s opinion, anyway. Maybe that should go on my list of things to do this year. Buy a suit. Though I did want to wait until I was done shedding off flab before I did that, so it’s all good. I’m more concerned about how skimpy of a bathing suit I can get away with at the beach this year. *grin*

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