riding high

Riding high on another good but exhausting weekend.

Friday was interesting, I was working from home and a short day so I took the time to get a few chores done as well. Later that evening Rob was going to come over to have a little dinner, watch a little sci-fi and do some laundry since he and Peter’s house is under renovation and the water to the washer is off for the foreseeable future. Since it was the night for Stargate’s premiere, Peter said he wouldn’t be joining us. Now I’m not a snob, but no means no and maybe means maybe, so if you say you’re *not* coming, it means you’re not coming. So while I’m doing reports for work, doing my own laundry and listening to the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, I get an IM from Peter along the lines of “Well I do have to take care of some laundry, what time will you be home? I can come over earlier before Rob gets there and do my laundry.” After a quick group huddle conference with the roommate in another IM window, I graciously offered to let him come over and get some clothes done. Not that I mind friends using my laundry facilities, I just don’t like feeling used for them. As it turned out, due to some mismanaging of time, Peter didn’t end up coming over, which meant I got more “me” time in the afternoon. The evening was fun though, we got Popeye’s chicken, a few ciders and watched Babylon 5 while I made cookies in anticipation of a Video/Potluck party the next day with LSF.

Then C called (see earlier entry re: curious george) and said that he and a friend were headed out to the bar around the corner, and I said that I might meet him out there. But he called a little later and said that it was dead and they were moving onto a place I don’t care all that much for, so we made plans to do something on Saturday. Nothing like talking to someone you like on the phone while your friends make googy-eyed faces behind you on the couch (and think you can’t see them).

Saturday was productive, roomie and I got up semi-early, cleaned up around the apartment and listened to Wigfield. C called and came over around 2’ish, we chatted for a bit then went for a walk. He’s a very nice guy, cute and extremely likeable and we have more than a few things in common too. Except he doesn’t like martinis and I don’t care for sushi, but I’m sure we can overlook those differences by finding a Sushi & Martini bar. We got together again Saturday evening to watch some tv, ending the night off with Doctor Who after which I walked home. It’s nice that he’s like 5 mins or so from my place.

Sunday I went with Rob to the Alexandria Waterfront Festival to meet up with some friends of his/ours, and it was nice, humid, but nice. More like a crafts fair with more than the fair share of crap, there was one booth with chocolate sauces that I picked up a few and or course snacked on a little kettle corn, and got a funnel cake before the day was out. Ok now I’m hungry and have to run for a bagel…

Nothing worse than when you have a taste for something and no one has it. I even tried defaulting to my second choice for quick breakfast, strawberry poptarts but neither machine had them. Ah well, must force cravings away with my overwhelming mental powers. I’m not even sure I have enough money on me for lunch today.

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