The true revenge of the nerds

I’m reading a story in the Washington Post about cell phones and customized ring tones, and it’s like I’m seeing something akin to the antagonist’s plan in The Incredibles.
The world’s turning into nerds. They love their shiny gadgets, sure they customize them to make seem cool, but you’re lavishly running your hands over a piece of tech. GEEK. Our forebearers may have had pocket protectors, but now I stand next to the “cool kids” on the metro that seem to think the only reason to have a cell phone is so that other people can hear it ring*, or I sit next to a woman on a plane that can’t bear to put her Blackberry down, turning off the internal radio/phone so she can keep typing an e-mail while in-flight.
Then again, I just bought a gadget to move my music away from my computer so I don’t have to sit at it to enjoy my mp3s.. so maybe I’m moving in the opposite direction.
I wonder what tomorrow’s nerds will have to remain interested in, just to be set apart from t
he regular constantly-internet-connected, $300-500 a pop tech buying kids of the future. It doesn’t matter.. our plan has worked.. we’ve turned you all into nerds, just like us and you pay more for the privilege… 😉
* I mean honestly, can’t you silence your phone’s ring since all you’re going to do is pull it out, wave it around and look at who’s calling you, so that you can decide NOT to answer it?

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