understanding and liking aren’t the same thing

C and I had a nice chat and dinner last night. We talked a bit about his situation and where he’s coming from and I acknowledged that I understood, but that it’s a very weird situation when the people you’re seeing are brought together in one place like that. It sounds as if his friends are trying to give him advice to protect him, I just don’t think their advice is very complete.

Suffice to say, if it were me, I’d do things differently, but it’s not me is it? And the overhanging fact that can only be put off for so long is that eventually one has to make a choice as to who one keeps as a friend, and who one tries for a deeper connection with, and then there’s the potential fallout of those that perhaps don’t want to be “just friends”. It’s hard to hedge one’s bets when dating, since each one wants to be treated as if they’re the only one, even if they know they aren’t. I know it’s caused me to be less physically intimate than I likely would have liked to be with him by now. Knowledge is power & power corrupts… hm.

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