migraines suck

Migraines suck. Really really suck. At least I can see now though. It’s been a hell of a day, but to sum up. I have a friend that’s pissed because I shared some info with his partner and not with him and he feels betrayed by that. How did he find out about this? Well he got the info, went to share it with his partner and found out that his partner already knew. And it’s a wonder why he wasn’t told in the first place? Though the real reason he wasn’t told is that he just doesn’t hang out with us.

It’s not uncommon for single friends to be more friendly with one part of a couple than the other. And this is pretty much what’s happening, I have more in common with one than the other.

But this has gotten way out of control and people are just inclined to cause drama. Lucky me.

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