unwilling to cooperate

I really want a martini… and Lays potato chips.

Thankfully I can get both of those at home. I just feel worse and worse about this place the longer I’m here. My boss left me a voice message saying that there might be a position for me on another contract, but that the work was “different than what I’d been doing, but I could handle it”. (Now in this illustration we show the farmer tying a carrot to a stick, that extends out in front of the donkey’s forehead)

So I called him. And called again. And e-mailed, and 4 hours later I hear back from him to find out that the job is indeed different and something that I have no interest or experience in. So I told him there would be too many unhappy factors in doing the job, the main one being that it was really just a way to extend my employment with CSC, but not an assured job. So while I’m trying to do something and learn it as well, I’m also supposed to be hunting for new work, etc. I couldn’t see it happening. But I’m sure it will also brand me as being unwilling to cooperate.

What I foresee happening is that on Thurs or Fri, maybe Weds if I’m lucky, I’m going to get calls and e-mails pouring in asking me how I do XYZ and where things are kept and so on. I’ve been left alone for a week to wonder what the hell I’m doing, and then only at the last minute will people realize “Oh crap, he knows how to do all this stuff!” I better pack up my desk now. Though I might be better off just preparing a box of stuff and getting a cab home my last day.

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