The romantic spirit of living in the city

Yeah, Sunday was a rest day, I got brunch with Christopher… after plenty of time to wake up and recover from the previous night and watch my cartoons.

He offered to take me shopping, since that was supposed to be part of yesterday’s plan, but didn’t happen, but I realized that I’d much rather sit in and relax, so we did. I gave him the use of our laundry services since they don’t require quarters and we sat around watching Star Trek dvds all day, very nice. Then that evening we carted things back to his house and watched Sex and the City, a new show with a lot of potential, Carnivale, and a show which I didn’t care for (not being into political things) and Christopher didn’t care for either (and he’s into political stuff), K Street. It was too weird and hard to see exactly what they were going for with a weird mix of reality and entertainment. Now I’m sure if I had HBO I would have been able to see tons and tons of “commercials” for the show leading up to its premiere and mini-documentaries about how it’s breakthrough television but to me it was just crap.

And true to the romantic spirit of living in the city, as I walked home from Christopher’s place last night, I saw a (assumed) homeless woman squatting to urinate in front of a church.

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