Yes a mighty wind’s a’blowin…

Watched ‘A Mighty Wind’ on Sunday, twice, actually. Hilarious, I’ll probably end up buying the Christopher Guest collection that’s been released so I’ll have all of them in my collection.

Today’s project is to start stripping and cleaning an old table that I have from the place I lived in DC, it’s nice but has a little water damage and uneven staining, so I’ll try taking care of that. I haven’t done any kind of furniture restoration before, but what the hell, if I ruin it, I’m not completely attached to it, I’d just like it to look better.

I’m looking forward to bowling this evening, something to get me out of the house, at least. Its getting chilly out too, which is an interesting change, seeing as how it happened quite literally overnight. From 70 one morning to 50 the following one. Perhaps fall is finally here?

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