karma vs luck

I went to Whole Foods to get ingredients to make tomato soup, since its been getting colder and I’ve been craving some. On the way back I see two pennies on the ground and start to lean over to pick one up since I could probably use all the luck I can get right now, but then I thought about the number of people in my area that sit around asking for spare change and that maybe one of them might see those coins and it might make their day.
So which force is stronger, the luck I might have gotten from a found penny, or the karma I might get from leaving it for someone that needs it more… *hm*
I’ve also been listening to the “A Mighty Wind” soundtrack a lot lately. Both for the fact that it’s a great bit of folk-type music, but I’m also impressed by the fact that all the songs were written by some of the actors and performed by them. I never knew Katherine O’Hara could sing or songwrite.

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