I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished

Today was a good day, I got up fairly early and wasn’t really sure what to do with the day, but Pat IM’d me and wanted to head to Pentagon City. So I did and got a good look at suits and such at Jos A Bank, was told I’m a 40 Long and will probably go back there or elsewhere to get a suit. Until I have more of a cash flow, I probably won’t want more than one. I wouldn’t mind having a really nice suit, but at this point I just want one to get me through the interviews.

I also used the Banana Republic gift card from my birthday to get some shirts and such, shopping can be such a thrill until you look at the price tags.. then realize that with no money coming IN, very little money should be going OUT…

And my table’s done, obviously, so I’m feeling pretty darn accomplished. And I have quarts upon quarts of tomato soup that I made yesterday. It was supposed to be colder out to justify having a bunch of it, but still it’s really yummy, with just a kick of vodka, and goes great with hot homemade cheesy biscuits. 🙂

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