I feel like giving up

Well it’s official, I’ve broken 100 interests. Not that it has anyone new and exciting popping comments on my journal or anything, but a milestone is a milestone.
I’m about at the point where I feel like giving up. This is one of my most hated seasons to be single. It gets cold and I don’t want to go anywhere, even out to movies. I’m already feeling the chill break through to the apartment. I know some people may think 73 degrees is comfortable, but to me, it’s cold when there’s no sunlight coming from outside to support it and there are cold breezes running all throughout the apartment due to my roommate liking to keep his window open.
Even the job search is stalled. Who wants to hire someone now? And the more you look, the more repeated jobs you see, so every week there’s less and less to apply for. it may be time for a temp/staffing agency

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