Gonna sco-o-o-re tonight!

So bowling practice always makes me think of Grease 2
Yesterday was another surprising productive day. The place is clean post-book discussion, I sent out even more resumes. No nibbles yet, but at least I’m flooding the market. Perhaps it is time to put that “seeking sugar daddy” ad in the Blade
Sean & I met up with Pat to pick up his suits from the Men’s Wearhouse. The poor woman that had to deal with the screw up of my suit is still feeling bad, and told me that I should deal with her from now on and I’d likely get a discount. I was just impressed that she remembered my name, though I was sending out a lot of disappointment that day, I just wasn’t blowing up about it, which is what I think she was expecting.
Then after much fun in driving to and fro to get him and his suits back home, we got out to Alexandria to see Intolerable Cruelty, we’d planned to see Kill Bill, but it was sold out and the next showing wasn’t for over another hour. I’ve yet to be dissapointed by the Coen brothers though, and this was no exception.
So far this morning, I’ve gotten up, perused a job offering or two and done my 8 Minute Abs. Now there’ll be a shower and Rob coming over for bowling soon. I’m scared to step on the scale after the damage we did last night, but I have to. Since I’m going to quit the gym, I see no need to be scared of the results.

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