She’s a Sapphist!!!

The movie du jour: 8 Women. Quite a nice french farce of 1950s murder mystery. This one should have been a double-feature with The Women. Not a man to be seen in the whole movie except in shadow. Plus each character has a musical number which gives more insight into their character’s life motivations… but not those in the movie. Accusations fly back and forth, secrets are revealed, until a very … french climax and dénouement, naturally.
It looks like a gorgeous day outside, but I don’t really have anywhere to be, and there’s too much construction noise going on outside to want to open the windows. Maybe I’ll head up to the roof for a bit and take some pictures. It’s not the greatest picturesque view in the world but its kinda cool.
I’m trying not to stare down the phone waiting to hear on any of the resumes I have out, or the two HR people I talked to last week. Oddly enough, the interview I had, where I didn’t really feel th
at I did well.. they were very impressed and want to move forward with the offer process. The plus side of that is that I learned how to put an electronic signature on a PDF document.

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