How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Trust in Karma…

So I’m watching Dr. Strangelove, my Netflix movie for the day, and I’ve spilled jam on my shirt, so I take it to the sink and rinse it off, then pop it in the dryer since its a comfy shirt, damnit, and I still have more strawberry jam-toast left. So we’re now lying on the couch, watching movie, eatin’ jam on toast and the phone rings. I hit pause, look at the caller ID and its INDUS, and suddenly I feel completely self-conscious, then realize that I could be naked and wanking off and they wouldn’t know it. (isn’t that a pretty image in your head now?)

The long and short of it is.. they offered me a job.. at [redacted 💖] a year. I calmly said yes, that would be fine, and advised that I could start on 11/17.. gives me a week to relax and all that.

Now back to my movie and shirtlessness.

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