Yet another humpty-hump day

Our manager is out again, food poisoning, poor guy, so the office mood is a little slow and very laid-back. I’m still locked out of the development server so I’m having to make a lot of pen & paper *gasp* notations for things that I’ll work on once I get access again, otherwise it’s been a pretty easy day. Most of them around here are though, unless we have a tight deadline.
I’d really love to know why spammers think that if they send messages with backdated timestamps on them, that it’s going to make us read them…
I did end up getting my Lucky Brand jeans, two pair for $30 after s&h, considering that they retail between $60-90 each, I feel pretty good about that deal. In other shopping news, I ordered a copy of ‘s Resurrection Angel, I read the first few chapters on his site and was hooked. It may be a little difficult to find, being out of
print, but pester the author and maybe there will be an additional run. I also picked up the next few books for the LSF Book Discussion Group used and cheap.. just the way I like ’em. My books, that is.

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