Caution – Contents Hot

H..O..T.. yes I know what it means and the McDonald’s case notwithstanding, I think most other people do too. But this stuff is like molten LAVA hot. Damn.
I’m planning a dinner tonight for MK, I haven’t cooked dinner for someone since CH and we all know how that went. Which is a better wine to get dumped by, the red or the white? Chicken or fish? But it will be a simple dish as we’re headed out to a birthday drunkening this evening. A nice lemon chicken with rice, I just can’t decide on a vegetable to go with it. Suggestions?!
The final new AbFab is on as well, so I’ll probably tape it or catch it tomorrow, or ignore it all and just wait for the dvds. 🙂
Oh, my friend is pretty damn spiffy too for giving me Dr. Who audio dramas, I must remember to fill a cup with something and throw it in his face on his next marathon. He’d probably prefer water over pigs guts or cologne…

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