Chew the fat…

With all this talk of obesity in the news, I’d much rather the companies and gov’t agencies remove the vending machines from the individual floors and take the same average money spent per employee and charge us that for an internal gym facility.
I have my own personal weight demons, most of which are linked to my personal health and how I feel about how I look, though it is nice to be seeing someone that thinks I’m pretty fabulous. I’m trying to work on slimming down the body and the budget at the same time. But I do get a fair amount of exercise every day in just my walk to and from the metro for work. I’m hoping that my friend Joe still wants to rid himself of his bike as I might be happy to ride the bike to and from work everyday (clothing solutions would have to be worked out later).
It was a good weekend though, low money and fairly low fat. Matthew and I kept company on Saturday since he hurt his left hand pretty bad but he was doing fine aside from just being a little bored. We played Fluxx and Guillotine, both crazy fun games — easy to learn and quick to play.
After visiting there we walked to Whole Foods and picked up stuff for dinner, which between the two of us was still pretty reasonable. I had their lamb, garlic and mint sausages, very yummy. I think I could see myself going there again for their raw meat, but not their entrees, unless I was feeling particularly lazy.
Work today looks to be rather easy going, not a lot of new tasks yet, but who knows what will happen following the monday meeting (assuming we have one).

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