a pox on this sport.. a murrain on such self-indulgent tomfoolery!

So, bowling last night wasn’t our best game…
We did win 1 out of 3 games and take total pins so it wasn’t a complete disaster, but two people on their team bowled 30 pins above average in the first game.. I had a feeling we were in for a rough night. We had a substitute bowler with us and he did quite well, so it wasn’t as if we were really hurting for the lack of our regular teammate, but I hope he comes back soon. Having someone bowl in the same score range helps me stay on my game.
We’ll just have to see what the standings say this Weds. But I kinda hope we don’t have to play this team again. They all hovered around the lane, and they aren’t exactly “small” men, so it was a bit of a squeeze regardless of how many times I said “excuse me.” Then one of my bigger pet peeves.. people who needlessly lose their cool (one of my teammates suffers from it as well), but their captain is one of the league’s worst offenders, I understand. I think 2 out of the 4 officers came down unsolicited to make sure everything was ok. And our lanes were faulty, but it’s no big deal, if they can fix them, they do, otherwise we get moved, but you’d have thought it was a national conspiracy. We did have to get moved, and then it due to the move that their game went so far down.. One thing after another.. *feh*
Still overall it wasn’t too bad a night, I let my poor bowling get to me, but I removed myself from the area and didn’t bring anyone else down, my game was all over the map.

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