The things that enter your mind..

From my doodle pad during the training class we had today…
It’s like being trained by Garrison Keillor… with none of the charm and wit.
New yankee candle scent for Autumn: “Overcome by Bradbury”
“Follow the existing change process to process a change to the change process.”

Our trainer does tend to look like Ray Bradbury, with a bit of a Keillor voice, but it was still a little snoozifying. I mostly drew up shopping plans and another LIST while the co-worker next to me was making up party menu plans.
I would like to open a candle shop, maybe call it “Wicked” – perhaps in Boston? During the meeting I realized that while Spring is starting up, I really want the smell of autumn, the smell of darkening leaves, and that crispness in the air. Not like cider or pumpkins.. I guess it’s hard to describe. I’m not normally a big Yankee Candle fan, but I would like some nice light floral scents for the apartment. We have a little bit of a ventilation issue, if the neighboring above ap
artment is cooking, we often get the smell. Scented candles help, a lot.

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