Did I miss the memo?

Is it SPAM Day and no one told me? I checked my mail this morning to find that I had 70 messages! Only 6 of those were actually for me, the others were for my alter ego, brian @ briancentral . com.
What amuses me most are the ones that just carry an image in them surrounded by text that looks (to most mail reader spam filters) like it should make some kind of sense:

Subject: !officiaI Notice for aII eBay users From: "eBay" <user-supports20@eBay.com> Date: Fri, April 9, 2004 1:39 pm

Peterson case It's not for me

O.K. great. Schwarzenegger Texas Saturday Easter in 1926

Now I’m wondering how to get to write a story/play entitled “The Peterson Case” that involves Easter Saturday in 1926 in Texas and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
I’m a muse with a friggin’ sledgehammer, and when the muse strikes…

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