Bill wants a PDA

And so do I.
An excerpt from his post:

here’s what it needs to do. My assumption is that most PDA’s these days will accomplish these things, but I am purchasing it for a specific purpose and want to make sure that the instrument I get accomplishes these few tasks immaculately.
– MS Word document word processing
– Accepts folding keyboard for typing and ease of data entry
– MP3 player (at least an hour of music)
– Address book
– Calendar
– To Do List
– Alarms and reminders
– eBook reader
– expandable data storage via removable card
– color screen
– long battery life
– reachargable battery

To be snarky, it could also use a spell-check program. 🙂
I’m also looking for something, but I’d like wireless internet capability, integrated, preferably. He and I are of similar minds in that we don’t want PDA/phone combos. I don’t like them, too bulky.
So.. HELP! Advice appreciated in comments to this post, or to
his. Thanks!

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