behold, a new day begins

I have seen people taking odd things to work on the train, but this morning as I was leaving the train and heading up the escalator I saw a man carrying the usual shoulder-strapped briefcase and paper and a bottle of water… and a bottle of mustard. And not a small little Grey Poupon sized jar, but a large not-quite-economy sized squeeze bottle of French’s.
We have a fridge here in the office and it’s got a few condiments in it, salad dressing mainly and the odd packet from a restaurant, but no one’s harbored such a distaste for the mustard in the surrounding area, cafeteria and vending carts alike, that they need to bring in their own.
Life in the big city, eh?
Hm, the shout of joy at finding one last Claritin tablet at the bottom of my briefcase was of sufficient volume to bring my co-worker over to my cubicle. I really must manage my allergies better.

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