It will send your pins to … Valhalla?

We had a very nice showing last night, took all our games and total pins, so this could settle us in a solid 3rd place (or maybe higher?) for the end of the season. That would be the highest one of my teams has placed in the league since I started bowling here.
I was up FAR too late playing City of Heroes, but I managed to stumble into the office today, I suspect I may have a nap or at least a break to watch last night’s Jonathan Creek before diving back into the game, but man it is addictive. I think it’s the overall comic book feel to it, though it’s definitely a “new-generation” comic feeling. Ever since I stopped collecting comics, I’ve felt that tug to start up again, but the prices keep me away now.
“Best toy ever…” – Mr. Creosote Vomiting Figure.
Thank goodness I haven’t space for anything in my apartment. 🙂

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