Jeezy Creezy!

I generally don’t discuss money, unless it’s how to save a little, and I don’t really like when people ask me how much I spend or spent on something, but if I ever pay $160,000 for a parking space, anyone may feel free to slap me silly.
I’m hoping to deal with my car this or next weekend. It needs to be jumped to make sure that it can still start and move, then have the contents emptied (anyone need a microwave oven?) and contact someone about coming to take it away as a donation. I’m in the frame of mind where I don’t even care about the write off, if it can do someone some good, they can have it. Selling things is really getting to be a hassle, at least it is if you don’t have a front yard where you can hold a garage sale. Having an “apartment sale” in a controlled access building is a pain.
I managed to get rid of the computer monitor yesterday in a very painless operation, the woman from the Freecycle group showed up on time pulled her car into exactly where I asked her to a
nd I carried it out to her car, easy as that. And it gave me a warm fuzzy when she e-mailed me this morning to say thank you and tell me that it worked great.
See, I’m not evil all the time.

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