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From Gizmodo archive:
Adario Strange sends us this chilling tale of those punk Apple store hipsters not knowing their betters:

So I’m geeked to go buy a brand new Apple 23-inch display on a sunny New York Friday, on my way to the Apple Soho store. I enter and wander around looking for one of the aloof Apple drones to lower themselves to take my money. Finally I snag one and I’m given a card with some writing and told to stand and wait for the unit at the register. As I walk up, I come upon some Apple customer dissing in progress. Some older dude was walking up to the register with his purchase and was stiff armed by the cashier who said the most hated words in all of consumerdom, “Sorry sir, this gentleman (usually some hapless schlep) was here before you.”
Even from behind I could tell the older dude was pissed, but he backed away silently…fuming. It was at this point that I start studying this guy’s rather unique dome struct
ure, finely combed grey hair, and snappy attire. Holy smoke, yep, “60 Minutes” anchor Ed Bradley is an Apple fanatic! He patiently waited his turn, bought his stuff (an adapter? blank CDs?), and as he turned to leave I genuflected dutifully and said, “Yes, you are ‘the’ man Ed Bradley” (boy, do I have witty things to say off the cuff) with a big cheese smile on my face, which was thankfully met with a knowing wink from the master of television investigative reports. I walk up for my turn, and the really cute, but really clueless cashier is still looking at his back like he’s an ass. I go, “Yeah, that’s Ed Bradley.” She says,”Who’s that?” I say, “Uhhh, one of the most famous journalists on the planet on the most famous new program in the world — ’60 Minutes'” The brain surgeon goes, “Oh, I don’t watch TV. He did seem upset though…whatever…” And here I thought Steve Jobs hired people with brains. Think Different indeed!

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